Multiplication of Decimals Worksheet 80 Questions with Answers


Multiplication of Decimals Worksheet containing 80 questions with answers.

You will receive:

  • instant download
  • 80 questions with answers
  • space for method
  • included grid


Multiplication of Decimals Worksheet 80 Questions with Answers

This worksheet will provide you with an opportunity to practise skills when multiplying decimal numbers.

Each question contains two 2-digit decimal numbers which you need to multiply together.

Space for method has been included with each question together with a multiplication grid if you prefer that method.

All answers are provided at the bottom of each worksheet.

Multiplication of Decimals Worksheet

The 80 questions are split across 10 worksheets meaning that there are 8 questions per sheet.  This allows ample space for method (grids provided).

Need help from a teacher?  No problem.  Just contact me for a 1-1 lesson on multiplication of decimals.


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